Beer Garden

The beer garden originated from Southern Germany, more commonly making light of the outdoor area for beer and food to be enjoyed. Now that the tradition has come to America, it’s a nice addition to any restaurant with outside seating. Here at Paint Creek Tavern, we’re all about tradition and having a tavern that everyone can enjoy.

Our quaint beer garden has several picnic tables and benches for perfect, outdoor seating areas. For any type of weather, we have a deck with space heaters and a covered patio to protect you from the sun. We also have reservations for the beer garden to accommodate any type of party. At that point, scheduling your private events with us might be a nice option! We have many different types of foods, from handmade sandwiches to specialty burgers.

For more information on our pub, contact Paint Creek Tavern in Rochester, MI. Visit us today for some delicious drinks and eats!